There has never been a better time to enjoy fine art photography than now, particularly with all of the new on-line web-based photography magazines that are being published. Cheaper to produce but no less excellent than print-based photography magazines with regards to content, on-line magazines provide a larger, wider venue for photographers to publish their work and get it to a wider audience. Below is a list (by no means comprehensive though) of several on-line photography magazines that you might want to check out:

Ahorn Magazine

Blueeyes Magazine

Burn Magazine

Deep Sleep

F-Stop Magazine

File Magazine

Fraction Magazine

Lens Culture

Seesaw Magazine


Visura Magazine

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In this podcast, I discuss various magazines that I find inspirational, informative, and pleasureable to read. Magazines mentioned in this podcast include:



Blind Spot


Contact Sheet

Photography Quarterly

Nueva Luz

B&W Magazine



Photo-Eye Booklist

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