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Photo contests can be great ways to get your work on there and in front of other people. Photo contests can also help you develop and refine the skills of editing your work for submission. Recently though, more and more contests are developing rules whereby you lose ownership of your photography upon submission. Although the price of entering most contests is free, the ultimate price (the loss of ownership of your photographs) is too high a price to pay.
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In this podcast I discuss the importance of model releases and I cover some important issues to remember when shooting in public. Below is a sample model release that you can copy and modify to suite your particular purpose. Also, here is a link to a document called "The Photographer's Right: Your Rights and Remedies when Stopped or Confronted for Photography" by Bert Krages, Attorney at Law.

[NOTE: This podcast and associated information are not meant to be actual legal advice. Please consult the local laws where ever you happen to be shooting photographs and/or seek professional legal advice.]

Model Release

I, _______________________________, grant [PHOTOGARHER NAME] all rights and permission to use the photographs taken of me on ____/____/____ at __________________________, _______ in any manner [PHOTOGARHER NAME] chooses.

Signature                 Date: ____/____/____
I, undersigned, being the parent of guardian of the minor whose name appears above, hereby consents to the forgoing condition and warrants that I have the authority to give such consent.

___________________________________________ Signature                 Date: ____/____/____

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