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Thoughts on Photography is the podcast with the most timely stories in the photography industry. Each week, Brian McGuckin interviews the experts in the thick of the most interesting issues in photography, taking apart and understanding the issue from the experts.

To watermark, or not to watermark?  That is the question.  Many photographers have a strong opinion on when, where, and how to add a watermark to their images.  In this episode, commercial photographer Jason Lavengood and I discuss the use of watermarks and why you may or may not want to use them.    

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Photography changes lives - period.  Not anyone can be a professional photographer, but almost anyone can take a photograph.  There are many organizations out there that use photography to impact the lives of others.  This interview is with MaryBeth Jackson, founder of The Viewfinder Project, a nonprofit organization that provides a curriculum to anyone wanting to teach photography and create change makers.  We discuss how her ideas have been used all over the world and hope this converstion will help plant seeds for others wanting to make a difference.  Find out more about The Viewfinder Project at    

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Sports Illustrated fired all of their staff photographers.  This interview is with Evan Habeeb, a freelance photographer who has had images published in Sports Illustrated magazine.  

We discuss the impact this has on freelance photographers as well as the future of the Sports Illustrated magazine itself.  Afterall, aren't the photographs the reason why S.I. is so successful today?  

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Given the many personal things going on in my life (health issues, new job, etc.) and the fact that I really want to use my spare time to work on my own photography, I've decided to put the podcast on haitus for the foreseeable future. What this means is that the complete archive of episodes will remain in place and continue to be available to listeners through this web site as well as through iTunes (as always, totally free of charge). This is not say I won't ever restart the podcast at some point but, as most of you know, it is important to prioritize those things in life that give you the most pleasure and for me it is my own photography which needs to come first.

In the mean time, I have found that it is relatively easy to maintain a social presence using Twitter. I tweet often about things that interest me that are photographically related, and I carry through with some of themes of the podcast in my tweets so please feel free to follow me on Twitter @pauljgiguere

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In this episode, I discuss the topic of persistence in our photographic lives. While one-hundred podcast episodes is an achievement, in a way, the path that I have travelled in getting to this milestone (with the podcast being a reflection of where I was and currently am in my photographic life at any one time) is really what's important here. Persistence is not only important in achieving our goals, it is one of the keys to living a photographic life.

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This past year has been a very busy and hectic one for both my personal life as well as my photographic life. In this podcast, I discuss the progress on my resolutions from last year for Thoughts on Photography and the new directions I plan to take the podcast going into 2010.
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In this episode, I discuss my own personal editing process (or workflow) from capture to the final decision regarding which photographs make the cut.
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In this podcast I discuss the isolation we sometimes feel when working on our photography and how, in reality, we are really more connected with other photographers than we realize. In a sense, we are all part of a photographic family and should never forget that fact when we find ourselves struggling to live the photographic life.
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This podcast discusses the book "On Looking at Photographs: A Practical Guide" by David Hurn and Bill Jay. The book is published by Lenswork Publishing and provides some great insights on how to look at , or read, a photograph (which hopefully in turn helps us as photographers make better photographs).
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In this podcast, I discuss the one year anniversary since I started Thoughts on Photography (October 15th actually), why I started the podcast, and some of my New Year resolutions for the podcast going forward for 2009.
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Although digital cameras have been with us for quite awhile and the quality of images produced with digital cameras can equal or are better than film-based cameras, the issue of film versus digital continues to permeate our photographic discussions. This podcast attempts to re-frame the issue as not one of quality but rather process (or how we like to work). I know this can still be a hot button issue but hopefully my thoughts add, in a constructive way, to the decision-making that some photographers still grapple with when contemplating film or digital in their photographic life.
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In this podcast, I discuss the various debates that have occurred in photography since its early beginnings through present day and how these debates, while sometimes useful to move the entire field of photography forward to the next evolutionary level, can also stifle our creativity as photographers.
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In this podcast, I discuss the various labels that we apply to ourselves (or are applied to us) as photographers (e.g. fine art photographer) and whether such labels are pretentious or practical.
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In this podcast, I discuss ideas that help you remain engaged in your fine art photography when time doesn't permit to actually go out and make photographs.
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This is the first episode of Thoughts on Photography, a podcast that explores what it means to live a photographic life.
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