Thoughts on Photography (annoucement)
Thoughts on Photography is the podcast with the most timely stories in the photography industry. Each week, Brian McGuckin interviews the experts in the thick of the most interesting issues in photography, taking apart and understanding the issue from the experts. is a social funding platform for individuals working on creative projects. Using Kickstarter, anyone can pledge money towards a project that they feel is worthy however only projects that reach a certain funding goal within a certain time period will actually result in a pledge being paid out.

I recently launched a new Kickstarter pledge drive to raise funds for a documentary project that I hope to do in Haiti in February of 2011. You can learn more about this project by visiting:

Funding any project like this is costly which is why I have turned to using Kickstarter as a way to connect with people (in a light touch sort of way) and hopefully raise the funds necessary to make this project work. In addition:

  • Anyone who makes a pledge of $50 or more receive a 5″x7″ (approx. size) archival print from the project
  • Anyone who makes a pledge of $75 or more will receive an 8″x10″ (approx. size) archival print from the project
  • Anyone who makes a pledge of $100 or more will receive an 10″x13″ (approx size) archival print from the project

I'm hoping you will be able to pledge (any amount would be wonderful) but I fully understand if you are unable to assist at this time. Even if you are unable to help support this project, I hope you will check back on my web site in the Spring of 2011 to see the results. The deadline for raising funds is December 31st, 2010 at midnight (EST). Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments regarding the project and please feel free to forward the link to anyone else who think might be interested. Thanks in advance for your interest.

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I'm frequently asked by listeners if I can give them a comprehensive critique/review of their photography. Although very brief comments regarding one's work is fine and I do this regularly when asked, a comprehensive review can be time-consuming for me to do. A solution, and a way to support the podcast at the same time, is for me to offer a critique/review service to listeners. A one-hour session is available via phone for $100. All proceeds go towards supporting this podcast. Listen to this podcast episode for more details about what is included.
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