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Thoughts on Photography is the podcast with the most timely stories in the photography industry. Each week, Brian McGuckin interviews the experts in the thick of the most interesting issues in photography, taking apart and understanding the issue from the experts.

Many of us dream about having our photography on display in a gallery somewhere.  Anyone who has work displayed had to start somewhere.  In this episode I speak with Kara Lane, author of "From Photographer to Gallery Artist."  Kara gives us a peek into her book sharing tips, recommendations, and resources for how photographers can make this dream a reality.  


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Clearly photography is a passion of yours, but what is it that you REALLY love to shoot?  Are you working on a project?  Maybe it's something private that you want to keep to yourself because you're capturing personal hardships that you're working through.  Maybe it's something that you are SOOO excited about that you find yourself posting about it on every piece of social media out there that exists.  Whatever it may be, there are many benefits to having some type of personal project.  In this episode I talk with Jose Rosado about these benefits and his article, "Why You Should Always Make Time for Personal Projects."    

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With new mirrorless cameras coming out weekly, infrared photography will become easier and easier to shoot.  In this episode I talk with Luka Gorjup - infrared photographer based out of Europe in Slovenia.  Luka explains the hows and whys to help you get started.  

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