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As photographers, we've all faced struggles - especially when starting out.  In this episode, I talk briefly with a young photographer, Sinikka Rohrer, about struggles and decisions new photographers need to make. is one of THE best resources for photographers of all levels to learn how to improve their photography. 

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Lately I've had a hard time believing some of the images I've seen that have gone viral with an animal riding on another animal's backs.  Wildlife photographer, Juan Pons, claims it's more common than one would think.  In this episode I invited Juan Pons back on to share with us a little bit about the ins and outs of wildlife photography and how it doesn't take the most expensive gear to do it.    

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As photographers we value the opportunity to grow and learn how to improve our craft.  Often we take advantage of conferences and what they have to offer, but don't bother considering what it takes to get one up and running.  Any interst in bringing one to your city?  In this episode I talk with Chris Smith,, about what it takes to launch a successful conference in your own city.    

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One of the best ways to improve our photography skills is to attend a workshop.  With so many photographers out there hosting their own workshops, we have to be cautious about who and where we invest our money.  In this episode, I speak with Juan Pons (wildlife photographer and host of The Digital Photo Experience podcast) about what we need to consider when choosing a workshop to attend.  Find out more about Juan at 

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