Thoughts on Photography
Thoughts on Photography is the podcast with the most timely stories in the photography industry. Each week, Brian McGuckin interviews the experts in the thick of the most interesting issues in photography, taking apart and understanding the issue from the experts.

Dave Anderson is an image-maker whose work as both a photographer and filmmaker have been celebrated in the United States and abroad. Dave's project Rough Beauty was the winner of the 2005 National Project Competition from the Santa Fe Center for Photography and became the focus of his first book, which was published in three languages with an essay by Anne Wilkes Tucker. His latest monograph, One Block: A New Orleans Neighborhood Rebuilds, was published in 2010 by Aperture Books and featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine as well as on Good Morning America and CNN.

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Wouter Brandsma has been involved with photography since his childhood. He uses photography as a form of personal expression. In January of 2011 Wouter began a photo-a-day project and posted his results to his blog. I began following Wouter's journey at the outset and have been intrigued at how his photographs truly represents a personal exploration rather than merely snapshots of his surroundings. Now, six months into the project, I felt it was time to talk with Wouter about this engaging technique for living a photographic life.

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